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DE#Honesty & Responsibility

DE#We don’t aim to know everything. But what we do know, we know well, and use it to build trust through honesty and quality delivery.

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DE#Technology & Simplicity

DE#A technological revolution shouldn’t equate to complication. We develop intuitive, self-explaining software, so that your user immediately feels the added value.


DE#The Team

Our team is not dependent on one superstar. Not even on our managing director :) We function like an always winning football team. A star player can be injured for the rest of the season and we still go on and win the champions league ;)

Ben Hills

Engineering Director & Recruiter

Mark Ngoran

Engineer & Recruiter

Irena Bukarica

Engineer & Recruiter

Edgar Bongkishiy

Managing Director & Recruiter

Dieter Bauer

Engineer & Recruiter


Engineering Partner

Agnes Nduta

Content Creator

Jovan Ubiparip

Sales Manager

UX/UI Designer

Wie ist es mit uns arbeiten

DE#Before telling us what you need, we like to spend the time to get to know why you need it. This genuine interest can help flesh out a more-complete solution by combining nearly 20 years of UX design experience, technical know-how, and quality standards.


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