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Building ultra modern software is one of our core values. We have a balanced team of engineers with 20 years of experience and younger engineers affine to the newest technologies like React and Node.js

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Software Development

We only build high-quality custom software with a sleek and extremely sexy design. We take care of all other aspects of software development, ensuring that we deliver user-friendly, bug-free, secure, and well-documented software. Whether you are looking to build a web, desktop, or mobile app, or even automate processes in your company or organization, we are the experts.
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eCommerce Shop Implementation

One of our specialties is developing online stores with Shopify. Though we can also develop more complex enterprise shops using suitable frameworks and microservices, we advise startups with a lean budget to start with Shopify and scale it up, until more complex software is needed.
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External IT Department

As an external IT department, we offer managed IT services which include: - IT Security Management - Setting up email addresses, optionally with more secure technology like ProtonMail. - Setting up a private company cloud storage and sharing using technology like NextCloud. - Configuring and setting up company Wiki using a modern open-source Wiki-like Wiki.js. We bring years of experience and insights from different sectors helping handle whatever managed IT challenge that may come your way, including during emergencies.
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RPA and AI

We develop automation tools to help companies and organizations to automate processes and make predictions that can result in faster and better decision-making or improved bottom lines. Our RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) solutions will help you kickstart your digital transformation process, or further streamline it.
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