With automated hiring, we have reduced the overall time to hire from 16 weeks to 2 weeks (a 40% time reduction). This way, we get to focus on the more ‘human’ aspects of recruitment like building relationships with the candidates and getting to know them, resulting in better quality hires and an enhanced candidate experience.

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Innovation by Automation

Technologies we use...

At the core of automation is technology. We use Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to power our automated hiring process.

Faster Time to Hire

We developed our own LinkedIn robot which independently searches profiles and contacts candidates, depending on defined criteria. All we need to do is feed the list of criteria needed for a particular role, and our bot does the rest. The bot also identifies potential candidates from social platforms and contacts them.

80% of the candidates we present are identified by our automation tool. When we receive a response from the prospective candidate, we, the humans, pick it up from there. This helps us to shorten the hiring process while reaching higher qualified candidates.

Businesses Process Automation

We develop robots for companies to help them automate work processes using technologies like:

Selenium Ui-Path Microsoft Azure
Html CSS Javascript C# Python

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence help to make the robots more robust and intelligent. They are able to learn processes and make decisions.


Artificial Intelligence....

  • Coaching of candidates before and after every interview
  • Managing expectation of clients/company before and after every interview
Artificial Intelligence


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